Modular/Ambidextrous Shoulder Holster, Holster Insert Only, Size 2



The M/ASH Shoulder Gun Holster is constructed of padded ballistic nylon for durability and impact resistance. The dual shoulder holster system is ambidextrous. The holsters and harnesses are interchangeable – own just one harness or system, and change holsters if your carry weapon changes. The M/ASH shoulder gun holster features our PowerBand adjustable tension system, as well as an adjustable, reversible thumb-break retainer strap. SightStrip protects your weapon’s front and rear sights. M/ASH holster sizes are available to fit most pistols.
Please be sure to select your desired holster size and shoulder harness type. Double-sided harnesses will include a double mag pouch. The dual shoulder holster can accommodate a wide variety of our accessory items including magazine pouches, speed loader pouches, handcuff pouches, flashlight holders, and knife pouches. Sizes are listed below.
Holster is ambidextrous – simply reverse holster and mag pouches. Made in the USA.

  • Size 2: Beretta 84 series; Kimber Solo; Walther PP/PPK/PPKS series; SIG Sauer P230, P232; Colt 380 Govt/Mustang series; Firestar 9mm/.40 Firestar Plus
  • Size 5: 1911 frame styles; Wilson Combat; Colt Government/Gold Cup/Commander/Officers; similar Llama, Star, Springfield; Browning Hi-Power series
  • Size 7: Springfield XDS; 4″-5″ S&W 39/59, 3900/5900 with hooked trigger guards & 915/1000/4000/4500 series; Beretta BU9 Nano, 76, 92 series, and 96
  • Size 8: Glock 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 31, 32; Ruger P85/P89/P90/P91/P93/P94/P95 series; Sig P220, P225, P226, P228, P229, P239, SP2340, P245; H&K USP and USP Compact; S&W Sigma series pistols; Taurus PT92,99,100,101,908,940,945; Walther P88, P99, 4.5″ P5, PPS M2
  • Size 9: Glock 26, 27, 29, 30, 33; Star Ultrastar 3.5″; Taurus PT111 Millenium; Walther P5 Compact
  • Size 11 (Vertical Holster): Colt, Kimber, S&W, Springfield Armory, etc. 1911 with 5″ barrels; Browning Hi-Power 9/40; Kel-Tec PMR-30 with threaded barrel; Norinco 54-1 Tokarev 4.5″, Type 77B/1911 A1 5″
  • Size 12 (Vertical Holster): Beretta 92, 96, 92FS, 92FC, 92 Centurion, 96 Centurion; Browning Pro 9; CZ 75, CZ85 Compact 4″, P01/P06, CZ 75, CZ85 4.75″; Desert Eagle Baby Eagle, UZI Eagle; EAA Witness 4.7″; FN FNP-9/40; Glock 17, 22, 31, 37, 20, 21; H&K USP 9/40/45 4.13″; Ruger P85, P89, P90, P91, P93, P94, P95, P345, KP, SR9/40; Sig Sauer P220, P226, P250; S&W Sigma 9/40, M&P 9/40/357; Taurus PT92/99/100/101 5″; Walther P5, P88, P99; most full-size autos
  • Size 13 (Vertical Holster): Taurus Judge with up to 4″ barrel; S&W Governor; Colt Anaconda/Python/King Cobra/Trooper 4″; most 4″ revolvers

Additional information

Dimensions 3 × 6 × 9 in

Size 2, Size 5, Size 7, Size 8, Size 9, Size 11 – Vertical (+$5.00), Size 12 – Vertical (+$5.00), Size 13 -Vertical – Select Holster only or Single-Sided (+$5.00)

Harness Assembly Type

Holster Only – No Harness, A: Double-Sided (+$42.00), B: Single-Sided (+$22.00)


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