Thank you for visiting Condition Red Arms! We are a veteran owned and operated firearm lifestyle retailer with the goal of supporting those who believe in responsible firearm ownership. We are passionately committed to our mission of building a community of professionals and enthusiasts that ultimately enhances your ability to protect life while promoting a positive image of a defensive lifestyle.

Our store caters to anyone and everyone interested in living with firearms and an intelligent defense mentality with an emphasis on:

  • Concealed Carry Supporters
  • The Personal & Executive Protection Sector
  • Military
  • Law Enforcement
  • Competition Shooters
  • Hunters & Outdoorsmen

We don’t want to be just another gun store. We want to be the only firearm store you want to shop with. No matter what your reason is for shopping with us, we hope to fulfill your needs with a dynamic, yet simple shopping experience. We hope you enjoy our site and we look forward to serving you in every capacity that we can.


  • To provide a means of defense for those who seek it for themselves or others.
  • To help equip and develop outdoor sportsmen and gun sport competitors.
  • To support the 2nd amendment through a responsible, educated community.
  • To help make a positive, powerful and lasting difference in this nation through key partnerships with charitable organizations.

In keeping with our mission objectives, we’ve partnered with professionals and charitable foundations in several industries that share our values and work to improve the world in all areas of life.



One such partner is Contego Defense Group, a veteran run, NRA Certified, firearm training and instruction company focused on developing practical, combat effective skills with an emphasis on reality-based concepts and drills. Operating out of a private, outdoor range just outside Chicago, they teach classes in pistols, shotgun, rifles and hand-to-hand combat. More information can be found on their website at or visit their Youtube channel for some fundamental training videos.



Each quarter, a portion of our proceeds are donated to a different charitable organization. As veterans, we do what we can to help our brothers and sisters who are  in need. We partner with organizations that help vets in many different ways; from foundations that help retrain vets so they can get back on their feet and contribute to society to programs that help fund getaways for vets with PTSD and everything in between.

We also know that we can make a difference in so many other ways. So every quarter we rotate foundations to include donating to a wide variety of causes including; children’s health and wellness, the environment, and assistance for the underprivileged.

For information on our current charitable partnership, go to our CHARITY page now. Find out how you can make a difference, too. Every little bit helps.

  1. On the “Command Post” page (CRA homepage), click on the image that represents the lifestyle you are shopping for.
  2. Select the category of products that relate directly to that lifestyle.
  3. You then click on the boxes that help you narrow your search until you get to products listed by their respective manufacturers.

If at any time you’d like to find a product more directly you may enter a key word by clicking on the search icon at the top right of the menu bar to reveal a search box or by using the search box at the bottom of each category page.


You may click on the “Requisition” tab & visit “The Exchange” page to see all available categories of products.